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Settlement Agency


Real Estate Agency is an agency Al Ferdaous approved by the Tunisian state, specializing in all property transactions sale, rental, management of all real estate property.


Our fees or costs of real estate transactions are as follows :



Sale or purchase of a property


Seller: 3% of total sales
Purchaser: 2% of total purchase amount


Sale or purchase of a leasehold


Seller: 5% of total sales
Buyer: 5% of total purchase amount


Annual rent empty


Owner: 5% of the annual amount
Renter: 5% of annual amount


Short rental period furnished


Tenant: 15% of
Owner: 15% of



 Management Locative


Management of property: between 8 and 15% on income from the property after deducting expenses.


These fees are fixed or are negotiable depending on the transaction and on the amount of the transaction.
The agency fees are calculated excluding VAT and must be announced in advance.



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